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Accommodation at Beach Elegance Serviced Apartment, Chennai


Guests prefer Beach Elegance for the comfort and value. Staying on a short term is value for its price. Beach Elegance can accommodate guests on a long term for a special price offered with all the comfort with a lot of savings. We provide service apartments for various customers for the best suits.

Transit Accommodation

Beach Elegance provides the usual great comfort and affordable short stay accommodation for people traveling through Chennai with and extended transit time en-route their final destinations with extra fun to remember at our place.

Family Accommodation

Specific needs for families will be provided accordingly, we offer option for renting the entire place for functions and parties. A family vacation or a short stay, you can enjoy all the benefits of a home at Beach Elegance.

Corporate Rental

Beach Elegance provides a complete solution for corporates. We offer attractive prices for short stay(3 -4 days), our long stay option (7+ days) provides more attractive prices and also make a home like stay to finish their business in Chennai.